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Zagreb, Croatia

You want to work at Bornfight, but can’t find the job opening that matches your skills and expertise?

Don’t let that stop you, because we’re always on the lookout for great people.
Just scroll on down and send us an open application — tell us who you are, what you’re good at and what you’d like to do, and we might find a position for you!

What can we get you?

From professional development to personal growth to work-life balance to health and entertainment… we can offer you scores of benefits that’ll make you say — yeah, I wanna be a part of this.

#01 Transparent pay grades

When it comes to the salary, we keep our cards face up on the table. Every range is publicly available, so you see what you could earn on your position and seniority level.

#02 Structured advancement plan

As soon as you join us, you’ll know exactly what you should do to reach the next step of your professional development and advance to the next seniority level.

#03 Challenging projects

We work on a variety of projects for local and international clients — and all of them will enable you to push your skills and expertise, to innovate and to implement something new.

#04 Remote work

Work from our Zagreb office, work from home, work from a new place every single day — the thing is, you can work wherever you feel like it. Just make sure your posture is OK.

#05 Tailored working hours

Night owl? Work late. Need to run an errand in the middle of the day? Do it. Just coordinate your working hours with your team, and you can set them how you want them.

#06 Career change

Want to try a new technology or change your career altogether? No problem. You can switch to a new position or team within Bornfight, or even to our sister company — Mediatoolkit.

#07 CEO/COO open doors

If you have a question or something’s bugging you, got an idea or need advice… go talk with our CEO or COO — it’s as simple as adding a meet to their calendars whenever they’re free.

#08 Education budget

Our collective knowledge is what keeps us ahead of the curve, so every team has a dedicated budget for books, courses, workshops, professional training, masterclasses, conferences…

#09 Entertainment budget

Every department has a yearly team-building budget, you just need to decide what will it be. A weekend at the sea-side, an adrenaline-fueled adventure, a festival, a restaurant raid…

#10 Car and bike parking

Whether you’re coming in by car, bike, electric unicycle or anything in between, you can be sure that your ride is safe and secure in our office garage. No landing strips — sorry pilots.

To see the full breakdown of our salary ranges for each of the departments and positions, and also learn how we define different levels of seniority at our company, go to

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